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This page is dedicated to all railroaders that have made their last run. We pray that you get all green signals, and may your souls rest in eternal peace.



"Now that I have flagged Thee, lift up my feet from the rough road of life and plant them safely on the deck on the train of salvation. Let me use the safety lamp of prudence, make all the couplings with the link of love, and let my hand lamp be the Bible, and keep all switches closed that lead off the main line into the sidings with blind ends. Have every semaphore block along the line show the white light of hope, that I may make the run of life* without stopping. Give me the Ten commandments as a working card, and when I have finished the run on schedule time and pulled into the terminal may Thou, Superintendent of the Universe, say: 'Well done, good and faithful servant; come Into the general office and sign the pay roll and receive your check for eternal happiness.'"—Milwaukee Sentinel 19 September 1906

If you would like to have your loved one added to this roster, please contact us at Leave the railroaders name, DOB/DOD, railroad worked for, years of service, positions help, and any interesting facts. This will be updated periodically.

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